Moroccan model Tilila Oulhaj attracts the attention of Vogue

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Tilila Oulhaj, a Moroccan model./Ph. Instagram- Tilila Oulhaj

Tilila Oulhaj is «making Marrakech her fashion playground», wrote Vogue World in an article dedicated to the twenty-two-year-old Moroccan model.

Born in Azilal, Tilila worked as a debate teacher before deciding to move to Marrakech to start her modeling career. The young woman represents the two sides of a modern and traditional world through fashion.

Moroccan model Tilila Oulhaj./Ph. VogueMoroccan model Tilila Oulhaj./Ph. Vogue

The full-time model works for local brands and «established» ones as Vogue describes them. She is currently the face of «Maison ARTC, a brand known for its artful, one-of-a-kind pieces, designed by Artsi Ifrach». Tilila worked for Scandinavian brand Bougroug.

«Modeling and fashion are thriving in Morocco right now», she told Vogue World. «My personal style shifts a lot between traditional, streetwear, and what one might typify as ‘classy,’ but it depends on the situation I’m in. I definitely always add my little twist to whatever I’m wearing», Tilila said, describing her style.

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